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Characterizing a supernova’s standing accretion shock instability with neutrinos and gravitational waves: Zidu Lin*, Abhinav Rijal, Cecilia Lunardini, Manuel D. Morales, and Michele Zanolin

Phys. Rev. D 107 (2023) 083017

Apr. 11, 2023: Zidu and his colleagues show that multi-messenger observations of core-collapse supernovae significantly improve our ability to determine the nature of the standing accretion shock instability. (more information)
(See article on Physics magazine)

Deducing neutron star equation of state parameters directly from telescope spectra with uncertainty-aware machine learning: Delaney Farrell, Pierre Baldi, Jordan Ott, Aishik Ghosh, Andrew W. Steiner, Atharva Kavitkar, Lee Lindblom, Daniel Whiteson and Fridolin Weber

J. Cosmo. Astropart. Phys. 2 (2023) 16

Feb. 8 2023: Delaney and colleagues show how machine learning can be used to infer the equation of state directly from a neutron star's X-ray spectrum. (more information)

Investigating signatures of phase transitions in neutron-star cores: Rahul Somasundaram*, Ingo Tews and Jérôme Margueron

Phys. Rev. C 107 (2023) 025801

Feb. 3, 2023: In a recent analysis of neutron star observations, Rahul and his colleagues find that astrophysical information to date do not require the existence of a phase transition to quark matter in the density range explored in the core of neutron stars. (more information)